Sunday, May 5, 2013

INVENTORY-- one last time...

You've written a lot this week; is there anything left for you to practice/improve over the weekend?  Do you need to practice more multiple choice?  Take inventory-- one last time-- and describe how you will address any areas where you feel less than 100% confident.


 This week has been beneficial not necessarily in improving my writing skills holistically but, rather, the pacing of my writing. I remember at the beginning of the year I would focus nearly half the allotted amount of time just focusing upon  the thesis statement of my introductory paragraph. Don't get me wrong, the intro paragraph may very well be the most critical, adumbrating the specifics that will be expounded upon within the course of the essay, but this week's rigorous persistence has enabled me to forgo my usual feather and fluff flavor text that generally protracts writing time in exchange for, to put it simply, cutting to the chase, to the real central dogma, heart of the essay prompt content. In regards to multiple choice, I've never had challenges with such in the past and, not to underestimate the exam, I don't really feel threatened or worried about this portion at all for that matter. All in all I've never practiced this much for an AP exam (and have passed every one prior), or written this large of a volume of essays, in such a short but intense amount of time, ultimately I feel confident that I am more than prepared, that I will pass the exam, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. 

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